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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Spanish for dummies

Hi again I`ve found this interesting PPT to share with you, just notice how easy learning Spanish can be for English native speakers, SIMPLE LESSONS FOR NOT STARVING: Web us come ham on (Huevos con jamón) Web us come toss see no (Huevos con tocino) Web us tea be us (Huevos tibios) Web us come shore is so (Huevos con chorizo) Web be toes come free hall lit toes (Huevitos con frijolitos) Does stack kit toes door add it toes the Paul Joe (Dos taquitos doraditos de pollo) Does stack kit toes the car neat as (Dos taquitos de carnitas) Come chill leap toes hall up pen Joe's (Con chilitos jalapeños) Come chill lack kill less (Con chilaquiles) E free hall lit toes (Y frijolitos)

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